[Enhancement] ROR Documentation, based on ROR and ELK version

:bulb: ROR Documentation enhancement

Do one noticed how useful is the documentation structure elastic.co ?
I highlight the fact you have the same article, adapted to the right version, by example


Anyone have the clue how did they do that ?

@sscarduzio , do you know if we can do that on ROR documentation side ?

Today, several different version of ROR are used, and it starts to become hard to identify which feature is present , and how it has to be used, based on ROR version.

Also , it is hard to identify which option/syntax is deprecated between version.

If it is not possible to do like elastic did for their web form, then we have different option :

  1. document for each major version 2.x et 5.x
  2. List changes between version, deprecated function, prefered structure etc etc…
  3. And also which version support which feature