ES 7.4.2 - ROR 1.18.9 - RRadmin/refreshsettings by block Default


I just ened my migration to 7.4.2 , and i m doing some finetuning and cleaning.
I have an event in RoR audit about an action (cluster:admin/rradmin/refreshsettings) which is Forbidden , but i have some difficulties to troubleshoot, validate the good action to take for this.

here a screenshoot of the current event. I will investigate in log debug later, ( quite important other thing to fix for now), but if by luck one already met that …

This is a failed login, see the path asking for current user metadata.
The bug here is that we are using the same “action” name for both refresh settings and authentication. Misleading! Adding to Jira the task to have authentication under a different action name.

Okay, then i forget this part for now :slight_smile: