ES 7.4.2 - RoR 1.18.9 - upgraded from 6.8.4 - migrate other tenant .kibana


yes, me again…

I am testing everything, but i meet something strange with dashboards :

I cannot open dashboard, (I get kicked to login screen)
I also tried to create new dashboard, and I cannot save them, (Bad request)
I still have access to visualisation , only dashbaord seems hit by this.

it is important to me to notify that I use multitenant of RoR.
as I saw, during the upgrade, kibana migrated the native index “.kibana” ,but did not do anything about Tenant kibana index .kibana_tenantname .

what can i do ?

i have an assumption to export all view and dashboard as object, and to delete .kibana_tenantname , to let it recreated automatically, then import back objects, but not sure of the result.

any help would be welcome.


Yeah this is very inconvenient :frowning:

For now, another thing you could do is change the default kibana in kibana.yml and let it migrate them for you (one by one)

this seems a logic good way to go.

let me try and to give a feedback



EDIT Worked like a charm ! thank you Simone !

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