Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder" [QUESTION]

Bear with me this is my first post in the ReadonlyREST forums.

I ran into the error when trying to start Elasticsearch after a successful Readonlyrest download. It displays this:

Failed to load class “org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder”

I visited the info page that it told me to and added the logback-classic.jar into the lib folder under the Elasticsearch directory. When I tried again to start Elasticsearch this message appeared:

Failed to instantiate SLF4J LoggerFactory

I am at a loss for what to do. Is there a way to fix these issues?


can you download the 1.16.15 version? It should be fixed.

Thank you for your response. It appears to have worked. Is there a configuration file example somewhere? I am having a hard time understanding how to create a basic readonlyrest.yml file. I currently have this:


response_if_req_forbidden: Fordbidden by ReadonlyREST ES Plugin

    - name: "::intern::"
       auth_key: intern:intern
       type: allow
       actions: ["indices:admin/types/exists","indices:data/read/*","indices:data/write/*","indices:admin/template/*","indices:admin/create"]
       indices: ["_all"]

But keep getting this error:

tech.beshu.ror.commons.settings.SettingsMalformedException: Could not find required attribute ‘readonlyrest’

Not really sure why my file is an issue.


Cool thanks for the feedback!

For the settings, watch your indentation. Copy paste something from the examples like this:

Great examples for a beginner to test out the plugin! I was working with the “USE CASE: Multi-user Kibana + Authenticated Logstash” example and was switching between the RW user and the RO to test out different features and all of a sudden I received this error message at the URL where Kibana should be:

{“message”:“Cannot extract user name from base auth header: [illegal_argument_exception] Cannot extract user name from base auth header”,“statusCode”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”}

I restarted Elasticsearch and Kibana and I still get this error.

The error says that the request has been rejected because it does not contain any form of authentication, in particular ROR expected to find credentials in the form of HTTP Basic Auth (the “Authorization” header).

Sorry for all these questions. I am quite new to the HTTP protocol. I figured out how to add it to the header. However whenever I try to enter the console mode it keeps prompting me for credentials (I am using Chrome as a browser). Is this a setting I need to add into the YML file?

If you are trying to use HTTP Basic Auth (“auth_key” rule in ROR) with Kibana, and are having issues, you are probably hitting this bug which I reported ages ago and they didn’t fix yet: