Forbidden path issue with ROR enterprise kibana plugin

Hi there,

I’m using the trial version of the enterprise kibana plugin. I followed the instructions in this article to get started:

Issue I’m running into is that whenever I log in as any user (e.g., admin_usr, ops_ro_usr), It logs me in but its basically a blank screen with kibana navbar as below

and the kibana console gives the error below:
[error][readonlyrest_kbn] got an error [403] Forbidden for path /api/saved_objects/_find

any idea on what the issue is? everything seems to work fine if i sign in as kibana:kibana., but not any other user.

Initially, I did get a “high disk watermark” warning in elasticsearch which made all indices read-only. But even after resolving that, the “forbidden for path” issue still persisted.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @mirzenx!
We are talking about ROR 1.16.26_es6.4.0 installed both in Kibana and Elasticsearch, right?

Is there any forbidden request in Elasticsearch logs?

I found an error in the example code, the users didn’t have permission to access their own kibana indices! Please review the corrected documentation.

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