Has ROR ability to work with Azure Active Directory and ECK operator?

our company thinking about buying ROR plugin. We need to meet some requirements. Could you please tell me whether:


Hi @vaclav_sulc!

  • The first question is a yes, see the full guide about Azure ADFS.

  • About ECK, we would need to create PoC. Let me discuss this with @coutoPL, because it can be a good show off demo for the product in general.

IIRC when we tried something similar in the past we had issues with document level security (filter rule) because we required ROR to be started in proxy mode. But I have to check if it’s still the case.

@vaclav_sulc we are going to create a PoC: minikube + ECK + ROR and see if there are any issues. We let you know about the progress

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@coutoPL what’s the latest with the ECK PoC?

Integration with ES 7.16.0 is a much more important thing ATM. I’m going to get back to this topic as soon as I finish.

But I can say that I solved an important blocker and it looks like I’m very close to making ES ROR work with ECK. The next thing to check will be the ROR KBN plugin.


Very interested to use ROR with ECK 7.16.0. Thanks for futur integration.

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EDIT: I saw a few demos and I think I can answer myself here: ECK makes it so much easier to maintain a single multi-node ELK cluster. Rolling updates to new Elastic stack versions, auto scaling, etc.

I really think we should not only support ECK, but use it also for daily development and integration tests.

@Romain to be honest, me too. Quite a few customers have requested for ECK interop.

There is one thing I didn’t fully understand though (and maybe you can answer).

Typical ROR Enterprise sales pitch

ROR Enterprise comes with pretty good segregation capabilities both on data access and Kibana configuration, without the need to instantiate multiple clusters for multiple tenancies.
And this introduces great savings in terms of compute resources: everyone can work with a large, capable ELK cluster instead of having their own tiny cluster.

Interest in ECK?

But now I see customers (even Enterprise customers) asking for ECK, which is basically a GUI for automatic creation of multiple ELK clusters in Kubernetes.

Poll: what’s the logic behind ROR users interest in ECK?

  • :money_with_wings: Saving in compute resources introduced by ROR Enterprise are less than the license price?
  • :classical_building: There’s a stricter requirement in physically separating data from different tenants?
  • :wheel_of_dharma:You already use Kubernetes, and ECK is seen as a clean way to install the single, ROR-powered multi-tenant cluster?
  • :thinking: Something else (comment please!)

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