Hidden search field for visualization with ro profile

Hello !
Kibana enterprise user here.

I think I spotted a new minor issue :
When a user is associated to a RO profile, the visualisation search field is hidden.

How to reproduce : Connect with a RO profile, go to Visualization page. Search field is hidden.

First analysis: The css rule body.ror-ro [data-test-subj*="visualizeLandingPage"] input is too broad.

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Hi @pchesneau thank you for the great analysis as usual!
Just for repeating the context for the future readers, you are using Kibana 7.6.1 with ROR 1.29.0, correct?

My mistake, @sscarduzio I totally forgot to add this information.
I’m not on the latest RoR version : currently I’m using Kibana 7.8.1 with RoR 1.28.2.

Should I upgrade to the new RoR enterprise platform?

ROR New platform code is available from Kibana 7.9.0 onwards, it does not support 7.8.1 at the moment. You are welcome to upgrade anytime!

Anyway, I committed a change that removes this line from the CSS we apply to read-only kibana session.

[data-test-subj*=visualizeLandingPage] input,

You can verify the change if you do the same in this file


in a running Kibana instance (not sure if restart is required).

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thanks a lot @sscarduzio!

Let me know if it solved your problem, or if you need more CSS changes. I will include them in the next build :slight_smile:

It works :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !

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