Hide all Kibana menus

I am trying to work out how to hide all the menus on the left size. We are authenticating via JWT, and just showing the dashboards. But want to stop the chance someone tries to go to the Kibana URL and sees the menu on the left. I thought i could do this to disable the menu, but there is no such option
kibana_access: no

If i leave that option out, but all menu’s are shown. So i added the following and all are hidden except for Dashboard:
kibana_hide_apps: [“readonlyrest_kbn”, “timelion”, “kibana:dev_tools”, “kibana:management”, “apm”, “monitoring”, “kibana:discover”,“kibana:visualize”]

I tried “kibana:dashboard” and “dashboard” - both which gives an error:
Uncaught TypeError: _notifier2.default is not a constructor (https://URL/bundles/commons.bundle.js:12)

Can you please advise how we can totally disable the menu, ie the blue bar can be there, but the menu options shouldnt be there.