Hiding Kibana App for Specific User

I want to disable the kibana app as listed in config for the user kappil

      auth_key: "user:password"
      name: "Require HTTP Basic Auth"
      type: allow
      auth_key: "kappil:[email protected]"
      name: "::KAPIL LOGIN::"
      kibana_index: ".kappil"
      kibana_hide_apps: ["timelion", "kibana:visualize", "canvas", "wazuh", "code", "readonlyrest_kbn", "maps", "ml", "infra:home", "infra:logs", "apm", "uptime", "siem", "graph", "kibana:dev_tools", "monitoring", "kibana:management"]

After restarting, no error but these aren’t hidden

This app is supposed to be hidden / or not accessible

Hi @tbhaxor, what version of Kibana and what version of ROR are we talking about? Is this ROR Free?

ROR: 1.19.4
Kibana: 7.6.2

Yes but the Kibana plugin is enterprise, pro or free?

I am using the free one

Well, that explains. It’s not a feature included in Free. We should make it clearer. Good point.
You should try the PRO at least. You can get it as trial from the same page you downloaded the free.

Thanx sir, yes i would