How to configure readonlyrest to work with Domain controller

we have a 2 nodes cluster we use ROR with LDAP and domain controller. Please I would like to know if its possible and or how to configure readonlyrest to be aware when domain controller failover user credentials to a different node in a cluster.

HI @AlbertAtRor I’m not sure I understand your requirement? We do support multiple ways to implement failover and load balancing in LDAP. But maybe I’m not getting the specific question.

Hello @sscarduzio I am trying to implement failover in LDAP. if you could help with some resources on how to accomplish that. Thanks for your valuable time.

Of course! Here are some examples of simple, HA (round robin & failover).

If your LDAP server supports it, have a look also at the: server discovery. It’s a really neat strategy, very easy to integrate.

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Thanks Simone. I implemented that using the simple, HA (round robin & failover).

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