How to specify an alias from keystore?


I know we can specify the file and pass, but is it possible to specify the alias?

keystore_file: “keystore.jks”
keystore_pass: test
keystore_alias: “alias1”

Something like keystore_alias? I tried and it didn’t work.

No at the moment we are just taking the first alias we find in the keystore. It’s very easy to add this option though. We could add it to Jira if you need it?

Yes, we would’ve like to have 1 keystore but with multiple alias.

For now, we will use different keystore per env.

Thank you!

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I ran into the same issue today.
Maybe good to include in the documentation that this not supported at this time?

We currently don’t support specifying an alias in particular, but we just take the first one inide the jks.