Indices-admin-create replaced in Elasticsearch 7.8.0


Is a breaking change in Elasticsearch 7.8.0.
It removes the action indices:admin/create and introduces indices:admin/create_index

I was wondering if this is handled in 1.20.0 which adds support for 7.8.0?
If so, the actions list in documentation should be updated to reflect this.

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IMO you can use new action in actions rule without worries.

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we should verify that

  1. In the code, the various allowed actions lists in kibana_access rule include this one where the old was present.

  2. Go through documentation and find all the mentions of “indices:admin/create” and include “indices:admin/create_index” right beside in our examples (so the examples become ES version independent).

  3. In the main ES docs page, add it to the available actions list adding (since 7.8.0, replaces “indices:admin/create”) beside it.

  4. Forum: search and edit the most important posts that might be taken as documentation