Information about ROR plugin for Kibana

How to install kibana plugin for read only rest. And Can we configure user roles and privileges using kibana GUI.?
Can we create users through Read Only Rest Kibana plugin and Can we assign roles and privileges to that users using kibana GUI.?


Hello @ajit, welcome to ReadonlyREST forum! :wave:

In order to download a trial version of the ROR plugin for Kibana, you need to click the “start 14 days free trial” button in the PRO or Enterprise product page.

You will be asked to insert your information, including the payment information, but we will bill you only after the two weeks, so you have a lot of time to unsubscribe if you don’t like it.

See how to get started in the Kibana plugin documentation page.

Yes! And the settings will propagate all over the cluster, no need to restart Elasticsearch or copy YAML configuration files across nodes.

Yes that’s the idea :slight_smile:

What version of the Elastic Stack are you using? By the way, I will be glad to help you installing the trial version and answer more questions.

We are using 6.2.4 version as suggested by ReadonlyRest forum.

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