Install plugin with Ansible

Hey all,

I’m trying to install the plugin through ansible, but AFAIK, I need to go to the download page and it generates a link with a temporary access key to download the plugin from S3.

Is there any public link that I can use in ansible and continue to be valid from time to time?


Hello @zens,
For a series of reasons, there is no direct download.

Thanks a lot for the reply.

I tried the option 1 (gradlew assemble) but it doesn’t generates an .zip file to then be installed.
I go to es53x folder and on build I can find 3 folders and inside of one of them, there is a readonlyrest .jar
If I move the .jar to the …/plugins/ folder, it gives an error.

Yeah a few things changed after that post, including the way things are built: have a look at the bin/ file to see the underlying gradle commands

Looking for a supported Ansible role for installing ReadonlyREST. Do you know of any? If not I may contribute my work. May have to publish my own binaries for automation though :slight_frown: unless there is some official persistent DL mechanism available soon?

If I remember correctly, @schwicke and @psaiz are among the Ansible users.

@sscarduzio we’re using puppet for this. Right now things are pretty site specific, however, I think we could do something about that and extract the code into a proper module.

@schwicke oh yeah, Puppet. I confused the two, pardon :slight_smile:

I agree that sharing your experience and deployment strategy in the form of code would be extremely valuable for the community.

Sure. I’ve opened an internal ticket on this. Will let you know when it is done.

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We’ve reviewed our current setup with puppet to see if we can easily contribute something. We’re consistently running ES behind apache proxies, and our puppet code is made to configure both at the same time, for the specific use case we have. So the way we do it is very very site specific and probably not very useful for the community.