JDBC Driver for ReadOnly

We have Elastic Search with ReadOnly plug in. Would like to connect to Elastic search over JDBC and we are looking for a JDBC driver that would work with ReadOnly Plug in.

As far as I know the current JDBC implementations all are based on ES transport interface (default port 9300), rather than the HTTP/REST interface. That means ROR can’t help. Please also note that the ES transport interface will be deprecated soon.

As soon as the REST client is feature complete and is mature enough to replace the Java API entirely, we will deprecate and finally remove the transport client and the Java API.


Thanks. Would you be able to help me out with the format of HTTP/REST URI i would use to connect to ROR.

ReadonlyREST is a plugin to Elasticsearch that behaves like a mere filter on the native Elasticsearch HTTP/REST API.

That is, you connect to the usual 9200 TCP port using HTTP protocol, and ReadonlyREST will decide to accept or reject incoming requests according to many configurable parameters: credentials, HTTP method, indices, action, etc.

Have a look at our Elasticsearch plugin’s documentation page