Jquery version bundled with ROR

The jquery version bundled with ROR is old and has security fixed, which needs to be updated. Is there any plan to upgrade this to 3.5 or above ?

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Good call @Vinod, it’s not directly managed as a dependency, so it was not signalled by our audit tools.
This has to change. Will add a task.

jQuery is now updated manually to the latest version. So the release we are going to send out this wekend is safe.

During next sprint we will automate dependency management of the login page and all will be automatic.

Once again thank you @Vinod for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks you @sscarduzio , what version will have this version updated ? Want to try in our test environment and test and take this to prod environment.

jQuery is now at version 3.6.0

My question was which version of ror release will have this version bundled ? we need to upgrade asap…

All ROR kibana plugins >= 1.32.0 have the latest jquery.