Kibana Crash at startup with the new 7.10.2 version


I’ve upgrade my kibana plugin from 1.26.1_es7.8.1 to 1.29.0_es7.11.2. I did not change my config while upgrading (maybe a problem :grinning:).

I saw the new patching need and I patched my install after having installed the plugin.

I end with the following error at startup :

FATAL CLI ERROR TypeError: caPaths.forEach is not a function
at EsSSLConnectionProvider.setCertificationAuthorities (/home/kibana/plugins/readonlyrestkbn/proxy/core/esSSLConnectionProvider.js:88:15)
at new EsSSLConnectionProvider (/home/kibana/plugins/readonlyrestkbn/proxy/core/esSSLConnectionProvider.js:42:12)
at initializeSharedServices (/home/kibana/plugins/readonlyrestkbn/kibana/kibanaConfigInterceptor.js:76:33)
at Object.onKibanaConfigParse (/home/kibana/plugins/readonlyrestkbn/kibana/kibanaConfigInterceptor.js:61:24)
at Object.getConfigFromFiles (/home/kibana/node_modules/@kbn/config/target/raw/read_config.js:47:93)
at RawConfigService.loadConfig (/home/kibana/node_modules/@kbn/config/target/raw/raw_config_service.js:39:52)
at bootstrap (/home/kibana/src/core/server/bootstrap.js:59:20)
at Command. (/home/kibana/src/cli/serve/serve.js:169:33)
at Command. (/home/kibana/src/cli/command.js:102:20)
at Command.listener (/home/kibana/node_modules/commander/index.js:291:8)

I’m a bit lost on finding the cause.

My relevant portion of config (ssl) is

elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode: none
server.ssl.keystore.path: “{ES_PATH_CONF}/server.p12" server.ssl.keystore.password: "*****" server.ssl.enabled: true elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities: "{ES_PATH_CONF}/cert.pem”

Would you have an idea ?


Hey @hbigault,

Thanks for reporting the issue!
While we sort it out could you try specifying the elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities as an array?
Like so:
elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities: [ "{ES_PATH_CONF}/cert.pem” ]

Please let me know if this workaround has fixed the issue for you.

Thanks a lot Andrew for your quick response.
Your workaround solved the issue and allowed me to start again Kibana with the new version.