Kibana DevTool requests are failing

I’ve installed es 7.12.1, kibana 7.12.1 and ROR 1.35.1, everything seems to work fine, but there is a problem with requests in kibana dev tools console, some of them are interpreted wrong, like this one below:

I’ve tested a PUT, and it work. I don’t know what is wrong with GET, I’ve seen an similar issue on the forum and this issue should have been solved already for version 1.32. Also, I’m an enterprise subscriber for Kibana ROR plugin.

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Hello, @dianamelinte23
sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, you are right, It was fixed in version 1.32.0, however, there is a regression, that we fixed in the newest, not released yet, version, as a fix for this issue ROR 7.15.1 kibana 400 errors when trying GET method from dev tools - #3 by sscarduzio. I will send you the 1.36.0 ROR plugin prerelease build as a private message, with a resolution of this issue