Kibana displaying stale values from readonlyrest.yml file

Several times I’ve been bitten by some kind of caching of the values that Kibana does and I’d like to know how this works to avoid problems and mysteries in the future.

I’ve mounted a readonlyrest.yaml file in the deployment of the Elasticsearch container for the ROR plugin to find - it does find it, starts up properly and works fine. If I change a password value in that config file and re-deploy I expect the values in Kibana to show me the latest password value, but I have seen a number of instances where Kibana > ReadOnlyREST tab will show the ‘old’ values for the password.

How does the caching of that ROR.yml file work?

Hi @jdepaul,

I added some explanations about this to the documentation. Basically if you save the ROR Kibana app, it will write the new settings on an index (".readonlyrest").

The readonlyrest.yml file will not be overwritten, as it should stay as a failsafe in case of index corruption.

When you restart an ES node, the in-index settings saved via the Kibana app will override the ones found in the file.

I see - that makes sense now. I assume it’s perfectly safe to delete the .readonlyrest index and whatever values were saved in there, resorting back to the values from the readonlyrest.yml proper.

Yes, and then restart the node to load the file based settings