Kibana does not prompt for basic auth with elasticsearch-plugin and without kibana-plugin installed

Hello everyone!

We have installed the elasticsearch-plugin v7.11.1 into our ELK docker (but not the kibana-plugin as it was not available for the latest version).
Unfortunately, we are not able to access the Kibana UI (at localhost:5601/) as it does not prompt for the basic authentication but only responds with a 401 - Unauthorized (It worked at some point in the past but does not ask for credentials anymore).
Our readonlyrest.yml is the following:

- name: “Require HTTP Basic Auth”
type: allow
auth_key: user:password

The kibana.yml: kibana “0”
elasticsearch.hosts: [ “http://elasticsearch:9200” ]
elasticsearch.username: “user”
elasticsearch.password: “password”

The elasticsearch.yml: “docker-cluster” false

According to the documentation:

From what I’ve read about basic auth, the 401 response should contain a “WWW-Authenticate: Basic” header such that the browser prompts for credentials but that is not the case.
Should this work in theory without the kibana-plugin? If you need any additional information, let me know. Any help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @THTeq! Welcome to the forum.

You need the Kibana plugin for that. The latest version available is a beta compatible with Kibana 7.9.3. Can I hand you a Free or Enterprise trial build? Just to proof the point it works?

We are currently hard at work into supporting 7.10 and 7.11. They will probably be ready in a couple of weeks and come out at the same time, as the obstacle we are at work to solve is the same.

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Hey @sscarduzio,

Thanks for the info! Yes, the beta link would be great!

OK this is the trial of the 7.9.3 beta Enterprise.

Please have a look at the new-platform specific documentation, as the installation process is different.

Ignore the new kibana hide apps stuff for now, as it’s not merged yet.

Hey @sscarduzio , sorry but do you also have the 7.9.3 beta of the free version? My bad, I forgot to specify that.
As we are still in the POC phase, we are going with the free version for now but we might switch to the enterprise version later on.

All right, no problem. Here it is.

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