Kibana - iframe

I am trying to use the readonlyrest elasticsearch free plugin and I want to embed the dashboards created. Can I use JSON Web Token (JWT) Auth without Kibana package, in iframe link? Any other way to put my credentials to access Kibana dashboards with iframe?

Thank you.

OK if that doesn’t work, then the only (and better) option is JWT deep linking, we have a customer who heavily uses this.

However ROR PRO/Enterprise is required.

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Thank you for your answer.

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I have exactly this requirement. I declared ‘Authorization’ header in elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist in kibana.yml. Made a GET request to kibana app with the token. The request is not being authenticated. ES security is through readonlyrest plugin. Should any other step be done here?

So Kibana without our plugin installed is not forwarding the Authorization header to Elasticsearch? Is this your issue? Verify if the header is present in incoming ES logs.