Kibana load balancing configuration with Readonlyrest

We are using readonlyrest Enterprise

We have an environment with two kibana instances (7.6.2 version for Kibana and 1.19 for ROR). When only one instance is running, everything is OK. But when both are running, an error occurs and the Kibana interface is inaccessible. We are wondering if it is related to Readonlyrest.

On the other hand, we have in another environment 2 instances of Kibana (7.15.1 version for Kibana and 1.37 for ROR). Both of them are running and everything seems to work well, but we are not sure if the load is correctly balanced to the two instances.

Another concern : does ROR plays a major role when it comes to configure load balancing using a VIP? Then, what would be the config to set in ROR?


Hi Nadine,

In order for ROR kibana to work in with load balancer, it’s important that readonlyrest_kbn.cookiePass is set and has the same value in the kibana.yml of both the kibana instances. Plus, you need kibana sessions to be saved in elasticsearch index.

I invite you to read the paragraph we have in the docs dedicated to load balancing.

Thanks for your quick answer. The thing is that those config are already set

Here is what we get when the two intances are running

Also, I am seeing that the doc is about Kibana 7.8.x and older. Does it mean that things should be different for newer versions?


No this part is the same. Can you share some Kibana server logs when the errors is shown?

NB: it might help to delete .readonlyrest_kbn_sessions index, restart both nodes, and test with a incognito browser.

Hi Simone @sscarduzio

Thanks for your support.

When I deleted the .readonlyrest_kbn_sessions` index and restarted both nodes, it works well. However, When I log out and try to log in again, I get the same message :

Then when hitting " clear your session" twice or three or four time, it works. How could we definitely get rid of this message? It might become really boring for users.

That “unexpected token” happens when Kibana tries to parse as JSON a response that ROR has rejected. Try to reproduce it with Chrome, while you leave open Chrome dev tools on the network tab. You will see what request is failing. Then right click the request, screenshot it and/or copy as HAR and please show it to us.

Here is the what I get:

The file: (2.6 MB)

Hmm not so much information from the HAR unfortunately. Do you have time for a screen share tomorrow by any chance?

Of course, thanks.
Just let me know the convenient time for you, so that we can schedule it.