Kibana not prompting Basic Auth creds

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have readonlyrest set up and working with LDAP auth, I have Kibana set up with a full access user. If I use postman to trigger a GET request with basic auth headers it works, but if I browse to kibana I don’t get prompted for credentials. I only get

{"statusCode":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"An internal server error occurred"}

Config as follows:

discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: "1"
  - ""
gateway.expected_nodes: "1"
gateway.recover_after_nodes: "1" "_enp0s8_" rest01 /usr/share/elasticsearch/data/elasticsearch
path.logs: /var/log/elasticsearch
  - auth_key: elasticsearch:elasticsearch
    name: "::KIBANA-SRV::"
    type: allow
  - indices:
      - "*"
      - groups:
          - ipausers
        name: < removed >
    name: "Allow all requests from users in ipausers"
    type: allow
    kibana_access: rw
readonlyrest.enable: "true"
  - bind_dn: "uid=elastic,cn=sysaccounts,cn=etc,< removed >"
    bind_password: < removed >
    host: < removed >
    name: < removed >
    port: "636"
    search_groups_base_DN: "cn=groups,cn=accounts,< removed >"
    search_user_base_DN: "cn=users,cn=accounts,< removed >"
    ssl_enabled: "true"
    ssl_trust_all_certs: "true"
    unique_member_attribute: member
readonlyrest.response_if_req_forbidden: "Sorry, your request is forbidden."
readonlyrest.ssl.enable: "true"
readonlyrest.ssl.keystore_file: /elasticsearch/plugins/readonlyrest/keystore.jks
readonlyrest.ssl.keystore_pass: readonlyrest
# Note: This file is managed by Puppet.
# See: for more details
elasticsearch.password: elasticsearch
elasticsearch.preserveHost: true
elasticsearch.username: elasticsearch
server.port: 5601

Nevermind. I resolved the issue, I was using elasticsearch and kibana 5.1.1

Can we add something to the documentation to make it more obvious that the plugin is incompatible with 5.1.1?

When you got that error on Kibana side, did you have an error in the Elasticsearch logs as well?

For the records, 5.1.1 should work as well.