KIbana Plugin - refresh .readonlyrest index from readonlyrest.yml


I’m wondering if there is any option to have .readonlyrest index refresh itself from the readonlyrest.yml periodically or when a change is detected?

We want to be able to control the configuation through source control and the workaround we’ve come up with so far is to delete the index every time we push a change from Chef.

This feels quite hacky and would like to know of there is a better way?


The .readonlyrest index is never written if you never click save in the YAML editor of ROR Kibana App.
So you won’t have the index interfering if you push a new readonlyrest.yml from Chef.

Surely this approach would require a restart of the ES cluster for the new settings to take effect.

Did I understand your strategy correctly?

Thanks Simone, it’s a bit clearer now. Initially we though that the .readonlyrest index was created on boot rather than on save.

We’re not planning on making frequent updates to the rules and the occasional restart of ES shouldnt be a problem.

It would be great though if we could perform a rolling restart to pick up the changes. We realise this would mean that different node in the cluster would temporarily see different versions of the ROR config. Would you see any issues with this?

Not beyond a temporary discrepancy of behaviour between nodes during the transitory period. If you can tolerate that, it’s ok.