Kibana refreshing/reloading every few minutes

Hi @sscarduzio

We just upgraded kibana from 7.6.2 to 7.15.1.

We noticed that the kibana page is refreshing/reloading every 1,2 or 3 minutes.

Any idea about? I’m not finding any topic related to that.


Hello Nadine, nice to hear from you.

Not sure if this is the specific case, but Kibana dashboards can auto refresh if configured to do so (see “refresh every”).

If this is not the case, can you get any more information from browser console logs? (F12 in Chrome)

Thanks for your quick reply.

I think this case is specific to the dashboard. But our concern is that, the entire page refreshs.

Here is what happens every time the page is reloaded:

Hi @Nadine,

OK because it’s going through full refreshes, the console log data resets every time, so we can’t see the logs of right before refreshing. You will need to:

  • tick “Preserve log”

  • Clear console logs with the :no_entry_sign: button

  • Wait for the spontaneous refresh

  • Copy all the content of the console here

Hi @sscarduzio

It looks like the message in the console is not related to the refresh problem, we finally noticed that there were double quotes ("") missing in readonlyrest config.
Thanks for your support.

Happy you resolved Nadine, good job!

Where in the config were the double quotes missing? Now I’m curious!

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Hi @sscarduzio


 - name: "::Kibana-Lecture::"
   type: allow
   ldap_authentication: "ldap_el"
   indices: ["rq-ial*","rq-strurl*",rq-syslog*, "rq-ctm*",","rq-puppet*","rq-log-puppet*","rq-m2*",".kibana*"]
   kibana_index: ".kibana_publique"

On rq-syslog

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