Kibana stopped working when new build came out?

So I had a problem, I have one day left with the trial, and I am getting this error whene I started kibana.

FATAL Error: ReadonlyREST for Kibana halted because your trial has expired, or this build is way too old. Get the latest build, or get assistance at at

I updated the plugin and kibana works fine, its only the old build which doesnt work.

Now I am thinking this is because of the new build which came out.
Even so, why would kibana stop working if there is a new build out?

If you are part of the trial programme, you can download a fresh trial build from our self service download page.

I did download the new version at that moment, but my doubt is that, is it normal behaviour for the old build to stop working when a new build is out? My kibana refused to start when there was a new build out.

It is a total coincidence, there is no code in ROR to check versions.