Kibana Trial with file

Hello again :slight_smile:

I’m trying to install kibana PRO trial key using the txt. file, but it seems kibana doesnt find the licence. Should it be placed at some specific location within the zip?

Thank you!

Hello @julianacg!

This is what I have when I attach to my Kibana docker container that uses the file based activation key. See the ROR_ACTIVATION_KEY.txt on the main Kibana home folder.

The file appears there because I add it to the root folder of the readonlyrest plugin zip file.

See how the file contains exactly one line with the activation key, no newlines.

Can we make this post a public topic? I think it’s of general utility and it does not contain any confidential info.

yes, sure!

i think i can’t see your images

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should be fixed now! thanks :slight_smile: