LDAP authentication fails with "successful bind must be completed"

Hello everyone!

We are currently trying to set up LDAP with the free elasticsearch-plugin and kibana-plugin but receive the following UnboundidLdapAuthenticationService errors:

LDAP getting user operation failed
LDAP getting user CN returned error: … In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection

The readonlyrest.yml looks something like this:

enable: true

  • name: kibana
    type: allow
    auth_key: kibana:kibanapass
    indices: [".kibana", “.kibana_task_manager”]
  • name: Accept requests from users in group [AD_GROUP] on [ELASTIC_INDEX]
    type: allow
    name: “ldap1”
    indices: ["*"]


  • name: ldap1
    host: “”
    port: 389
    ssl_enabled: false
    ssl_trust_all_certs: true
    ignore_ldap_connectivity_problems: true

    search_user_base_DN: “CN=Users,DC=ad,DC=,DC=com”
    user_id_attribute: “sAMAccountName”

    unique_member_attribute: “member”
    connection_pool_size: 10
    connection_timeout_in_sec: 20
    request_timeout_in_sec: 20
    cache_ttl_in_sec: 60

Do you see anything wrong with the configuration or have any tipps what could cause this? Thank you very much in advance!

does your LDAP allow for anonymous bind? I guess, you saw this doc?