License expiration reminder


Since today, every access to Kibana shows the following message:


The key is correctly configured:



There has been NO updates on Kibana or the plugin in the production environment.

The pop up appears in almost every request in Kibana making it unusable. All the users are complaining. How can we disable this reminder ASAP?

Thanks in advance

Hello Gustavo, thanks for bringing this up. We definitely need to change the logic between trial and approaching expiration. For the time being I will provide you a temporary license key that expires a couple of weeks later. Then we’ll provide a new build with the updated logic.

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We are in same situation.
Users have to deal with boring pop up.
I am not sure what is solution of this issue? Can you clarify it and propose how to avoid of popup window?

Hi @rjan, if anything like this happens, customers should immediately contact us, so we create a temporary activation key to bridge into the renewed subscription without impacting users.