Logout when opening a second Kibana tab [solved: ADBLOCK was active]

Hi @Dzuming Unfortunately, it didn’t help.
When I open the second page in the browser, I am logged out in both tabs.

If I have one tab in the browser and haproxy transfers me to another server, I remain authorized.

@driveirk this issue is very strange, would you be open to have a support video call where you show us the issue in action? And the logs of course.

Important information. In Safari Version 15.3 (17612., the issue always reproduces. But Chrome is not.

I have prepared a test server and am ready for a video call. What do I need to do for this?

Sorry @driveirk, between @Dzuming and me we had no luck in replicating this in Safari either. I really think we need to book a video call! I will send you in private the link for reserving the time.

Recap from the meeting with Elya (@driveirk) this afternoon (thanks for your time)!

  • The issue is reproduced using a RW user
  • People can reproduce the issue with Firefox as well, not with Chrome
  • Exact Enterprise plugin version is 1.39.0_7.15.0
  • The issue can be reproduced even bypassing the load balancer, pointing the browser to a single node.
  • Main kibana index is non-standard: kibana.index: ".kibana-1" @driveirk said he can try to remove this conf and try again (obviously, this should work anyway)

@Dzuming let’s try to reproduce this using the new information collected.

I tried to remove kibana.index, it did not help.
I have it reproduced by RW and unrestricted users. I do not use other rights and have not checked.

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First attempt on our side with new conf has failed (using newest plugins), will now downgrade the plugins and Kibana version.

Further attempts to reproduce have failed on our side unfortunately.

@driveirk please, it would be very helpful to organize another screen share, this time with @Dzuming on the call, for a better technical contribution.

I found what is the problem.
The AdBlock application version 1.28.2 is to blame for everything, when it is turned off, the problem does not reproduce.


Holy shit. I bet we couldn’t find the issue. :sob:

Glad you found out.

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Hope you can fix it.

Is our meeting for tomorrow cancelled? Or do you need to demonstrate it?

Yeah @driveirk it’s OK to cancel. And by the way, we really need to write to the documentation that adblocks should be always disabled in order for Kibana + ROR to work.