Lots of active tasks in _cat/tasks

Hi there,

ror enterprise v.1.19.5
elasticsearch/kibana 6.7.2

I see a lots of active tasks running indefinitely, all of them of type “transport”. The only thing which stops them is node restart at the moment, but right after boot time they start to appear again. Each node has several of them and the amount is increasing in time so there are thousands after a month or so.


Any idea where could be a problem?

Thanks for reporting it. I’ll take a look and let you know when I find sth

Ah! I thought it was only me!
Have had the issue with enterprise 1.19.4 on 6.8.0.
And also on 1.19.4 on 7.6.1.

If necessary I can provide more details, just let me know what you need.

this is fixed in 1.20.0