Manage ROR outside of Kibana

Is there a way to edit ROR settings outside of Kibana because I have the Enterprise plugin editing the TXT file has no effect as far as I can tell?

so can I just PUT the setting on to the ROR index and they would update?

I couldn’t find any documentation on this. thanks!

Anything here? I am using the Datasweet plugin and it makes the ROR panel disappear. I think the easiest way for me to fix this would be to just manually edit the file Via SSH but because of Pro I can’t do that.

Our elasticsearch plugin polls the .readonlyrest index regularly and if something has changed, it will reload the settings. However, I think it’s wiser if you just forbid via ACL any direct edit of the “.readonlyrest” index, and use the same API the Kibana plugin uses, because it incorporates settings validation.
i.e. If you have a typo, it will return error and you don’t mess the cluster up.

This API is not documented because it’s not a public API and is subject to change. I can help you getting a grip of it if you want.

Yes if you can give me an overview of the calls I can make to update the readonlyrest index it would solve my issue.