Mandatory kibana RoR plugin options but deprecated in recent versions of Kibana


With kibana 7.12 and 7.13 a lot of options that seem essential for the RoR plug-in go to deprecated.
Is there a risk for the future of the RoR plugin?
How will we be able to manage these warnings in future versions?


  • elasticsearch_username configuration will no longer be usable
  • Multitenancy by changing “kibana.index” will not be supported starting in 8.0

log [09:47:17.505] [warning][config][deprecation] Setting [elasticsearch.username] to "kibana" is deprecated. You should use the "kibana_system" user instead.

log [09:47:17.505] [warning][config][deprecation] "kibana.index" is deprecated. Multitenancy by changing "kibana.index" will not be supported starting in 8.0. See for more details

Excellent questions @erms77.

  1. Yes, we will continue to support elasticsearch.username and elasticsearch.password YAML settings in kibana.yml.
    This is possible because in the new ROR platform (the one requiring patches) we are able to read the YAML settings before Kibana, and we can simply remove them before Kibana parsers read them.

  2. We are not using “kibana.index” configuration at all in the new platform either. We are picking the kibana index value from the ACL at login (or change tenancy) time, and intercepting the calls Elasticsearch with an internal proxy that literally converts any “.kibana” index references (and others indices like .reporting) to the desired value.

Good news we are reassured.

Thank you