Minimal kibana config for ror-es plugin?

I’m trying to get the ror-es plugin working in “hello world” mode following the docs at

I had kibana running initially. It prompted me for user/pass and let me in. But its status was red.

After a restart, it won’t even start now. Its spewing error like

Unhandled rejection [undefined] forbidden :: {"path":"/_xpack/monitoring/_bulk","query":{"system_id":"kibana","system_api_version":

At this point I am only using opensource license. (The website fails when trying to get a trial.) So again, I’m looking the minimal setup so I can start to play.

Don’t forget to add this line to elasticsearch.yml ad kibana.yml false

And add the ES credentials to Kibana.yml

# Kibana server use ::KIBANA-SRV:: credentials
elasticsearch.username: "kibana"
elasticsearch.password: "kibana"

Also, let us see your readonlyrest.yml

Ok, I got my hello world. I was trying to get things working without the ror kibana plugin. But now that I have that it came up clean. :slight_smile:

(I haven’t enabled monitoring again, but will do next.)

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