Monitoring plugin in ROR

(Nan008) #1

:bulb: ROR Monitoring Plugin

As ELK is doing nasty things to x-pack now, and most people use x-pack for monitoring only anyway, I would like to see alternative to x-pack (when you can actually go to kibana and have everything nicely in one place)

I am trying to convince ROR guys to start thinking about the monitoring feature

What you think?

:rocket: Let’s do this?

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(Simone Scarduzio) #2

I like this: @nan008, need to know more from you and any other who cares to respond.
Can you please respond to this comment with your answers?

  • Should we have a separate audit and monitoring tab? If no, list what graphs/gauges/tables you would need there.

  • What graphs/gauges/tables would you find useful in audit tab? Name top 3

  • What graphs/gauges/tables would you find useful in monitoring tab? Name top 3

(Ld57) #3

Several product are left behind , no more developped.

On my side, I use bigdesk and hq es plugin for monitoring, but I m still under 2.x stack

In fact, a ton of information are available through integrated api, and it is “just” needed to run a query, get json response, and beautifully display it :slight_smile:

(Simone Scarduzio) #4

Yeah I wanted to start from good auditing capabilities, a lot of _cat API is really insightful for example and there is a lot of value if cross-referenced to ROR specific data like users, request ID, Task ID, etc.

For example, I was experimenting with ROR code maintaining in memory the association between user, request, and task ID. So in the audit UI (just a table for now) could rapidly answer the question “What user is hogging the resources with their expensive queries?”

Is there anything out there like this?
How useful would it be?