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Customized menu toolbar

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We have just upgraded to Enterprise 1.47.0_es8.4.3 and since everything has changed we begun customizing items visibility for different access levels in Kibana’s toolbar, but it doesn’t allow us to do all the things we need. For example, I can hide different apps in the main toolbar using kibana_hide_apps[“someapp”], but I am not able to hide the whole ‘Management’ clause leaving ‘Stack Management|Index Management’ menu open using the same tool.

I understand that it is very tedious for your team to create and support such leverages for every single menu item. But maybe there is a chance to create something like ‘Custom Toolbar’ where we could place any app and from where we could reach any corner of Kibana no matter how far it really is from the main menu?

Thank you in advance for reading all this mess
Regards, Ilia

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Hey Ilia, thanks for taking the time to write to us.

  1. About the un-hidable “Management” menu, can you show us an example of ACL block + screenshot where you can’t hide the index management submenu? ROR has different behaviours according to kibana_access and kibana_hide_apps combinations. I think we can make it work!

  2. I love the idea about adding completely custom links to the sidebar! Definitely should implement :+1:

Hello Simone! Thank you for the quick reply!

An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post. So there is only one screenshot.

For example, I want to hide “Management|Stack Management|Kibana|Data Views” under ‘kibana_access: rw’ since there is no access to this menu from RO at all, and I am trying:

  1. kibana_hide_apps: [ “Management|Stack Management|Data Views” ] - “Stack Management” link is missing as well as “Management” button itself (they lead to the same submenu), so there is no access to “Stack Management” at all

  1. kibana_hide_apps: [ “Management|Stack Management|Kibana|Data Views” ] - same result

  2. kibana_hide_apps: [ “Management|Kibana|Data Views” ] - nothing happens

  3. kibana_hide_apps: [ “Management|Data Views” ] - nothing happens

  4. kibana_hide_apps: [ “Stack Management|Data Views” ] - and all the combinations with “Stack Management” at the first place - do not work

We would like to close the whole “Management” except two links that are in “Stack Management” - “Data Views” and “Index Management”.
“Data Views” is visible under “ROR Manage Kibana” that shows up after kibana_hide_apps: [ “Management|Stack Management” ] or kibana_hide_apps: [ “Management” ] combination is used, but we still want to give access to some of our users to the “Index Management”

Regards, Ilia

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Fixed, you should be level 3 user now.

Hi, I checked, and looks like it’s not possible to handle exactly this case in the current implementation of this feature, I created the task for it and will fix it. I also created the second task for adding custom links to the sidebar and will work on it. Thanks for your feedback!

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Great Topics!

We can’t wait to see this feature released :);

Our goal is also to offer a satisfying experience to our end users and provide them with a clean readable display.

Yep, I also agree with the need of this feature

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