Multi-tenancy and link sharing

Hello there,

I’d like to share links to a dashboard on tenancy B, but the default tenancy for everyone is A. So when the receiver receives the link this is what they have to do:

  1. open the link, get redirected to login page
  2. login
  3. manually select tenancy B

Is there a way to skip the third step, by putting the tenancy in the URL somehow, so that the flow can be smoother ?

Good point! We are going to implement this. We will reach out to you with a pre build to test the feature tomorrow tops.

Thank you for your reactivity!

Unfortunately I’m not admin of our instance and am not in a position to try anything out. However if this makes it in the next version I’ll make sure push to include it !

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@Matthieu I forgot to follow up on this, sorry. It has been fixed. The syntax to send someone a link to a specific tenancy is the following:

If you want to show this link https://kibana:5601/some/dashboard using this tenancy tenancy1, you send this link:

This link will take the user to a login page if necessary, and then switch tenancy, and land into the desired dashboard.

The above works with ROR Enterprise >= 1.35.0 (to be soon released)

@sscarduzio Amazing, thanks for working on this. That will be extremely helpful !

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Very happy to help, @Matthieu! :slight_smile: