Multi user authentication failed


I am currently using elk (oss-6.4.1) and metricbeat (oss-6.4.1) and installed appropriate readonlyrest version plugin. now I am setting up multi user authentication for kibana. the following is my readonlyrest.yml. metricbeat failed to start and kibana resulted status RED with elasticsearch authentication exception. Please help me to fix it.

  1. multi user authentication works with ROR FREE version ?

  2. How can I setup prompt for login when I access Kibana

Thanks in Advance

RO, RW and ADMIN worked when I tried running curl http://server:9200/

But LOGSTAH and KIBANA-SRV failed with 401 error

  1. You have hashed credentials in KIBANA-SRV, but you declared it with auth_key instead of auth_key_sha256
  2. You wrote logstar, instead of logstash. Maybe it’s this?