Multiple LDAP servers

Hi, is it possible to configure multiple hosts for a LDAP connector, balancing connections or just for failing back scenarios?

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This is a good idea, not there yet but would be good to have

+1, This would be really nice

Any sign of this happening ? An enterprise product really should support multiple LDAP nodes.

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Added to current backlog, this is important.

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Implemented round robin and failover HA mode for multiple servers. Now in master, target release 1.16.30

@sscarduzio I found the commit but can’t find the documentation to enable it. Am I correct that:

- name: ldap1
  port: 636
  ssl_enabled: true


- name: ldapHA
  servers: ["ldaps://", "ldaps://"]

I noticed a ‘HA_KEY’, what is that?


SIMONE EDIT: YAML formatting (wrapping code in triple backquotes ```)

Hi @craigsands, I totally forgot to document this :frowning: But your sample settings should work.