Notice of license to admins only

ROR Version: Enterprise 1.55.0_es7.15.1

Kibana Version: 7.15.1

Elasticsearch Version: 7.15.1

Steps to reproduce the issue
login in Kibana

Expected result:
All users see the notification.

Actual Result:
Only users who have access to change the key should see notifications.

Half the company wrote to me (about 1000 people) while I was sick that we had problems.

{“customer_id”: “6c4a385b-2ae8-4f02-a9cd-ef24addfb5b3”, “subscription_id”: “32d4073f-dc2f-4056-a868-842727c637cd”}

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Hi @driveirk really sorry to hear that! We definitely need to implement this :frowning:

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True, the same happend to us :smiley:

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