Plugins files location

we want to automate the installation of the ROR + kibana pluging and wrap those installation into package (for in-house we use tar/rpm/…).
my question are :

  1. are all the ROR plugin files are under <ES_HOME>/plugins/readonlyrest + readonlyrest.yml ?
  2. are all the kibana plugin files are under <KIBANA_HOME>/plugins/readonlyrest_kbn ?

if not, what are other files to consider ?


Hello @sdba2,

  1. There is no other file than what’s contained in ES_HOME&gt;/plugins/readonlyrest + ES_CONFIG_DIR/readonlyrest.yml and optionally ES_CONFIG_DIR/keystore.jks (if you configured ssl).
    Please note that if you edit and save the settings from the ReadonlyREST Kibana app, the new settings are saved in the “.readonlyrest” index.

  2. On the Kibana side, the code is in KIBANA_HOME/plugins/readonlyrest_kbn, it’s packed together with Kibana and other plugins’ code under KIBANA_HOME/optimize. There could be also a KIBANA_HOME/custom.css if you use our Enterprise plugin.