QOS per user: Throttling (rate limiting)

:bulb: Throttling (rate limiting)

Add a new rule that would guarantee each tenant won’t exceed certain usage limits.

:eyes: Example

Proposed limits examples

  • throttle_requests_rate: "100/s"
  • throttle_bit_rate: 1G/h # request size + response size

Behaviour according to quota %

  • 0-90% normal behaviour
  • 90-99% delayed HTTP response (delayed ACK)
  • 99%+ return HTTP 509 error (NACK)

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i can see some people using, but most will not need it.
Good thing to have, low priority

also i would replace 509 (Bandwidth Limit Exceeded) by 429 (Too many requests), as it is more standard and better linked to a app rate limit than the 509 (usually related a ISP/Hosting limit)

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Yep I picked the wrong code. Thanks!