[QUESTION] Does LDAP Auth support SSO?

While I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to this, please can someone clarify:

Does ReadonlyRest support LDAP Auth where for example the users authentication token that is poking ElasticSearch could be used, much like how other “Use Windows Authentication Passthrough” applications operate?


Hello @MarkPhillips!

Not a Microsoft expert, but ReadonlyREST with LDAP over SSL behaves very similarly to what is explained in this Microsoft article about “passthrough authentication”.

It is “pass through” meaning that when a request comes with credentials, it is “passed through” via a secure channel to an authentication server (LDAP server in our case, the domain controller in the article).

The difference is that instead of “Netlogon Remote Protocol” (of which I ignored the existence) you need to use plain LDAP, and everything works.

I hope it helps,


Hello @sscarduzio :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reply, this is what I thought, thank you for your fast response.

Keep up the good work

Thanks Mark! :thumbsup:

Glad to help