ReadonlyREST 1.13.2 is here!

Download 1.13.2

What’s new in ReadonlyREST 1.13.1

The second bugfix release of 1.13.x series is really beefy, Heroes of the week:

@ld57 :crown: as usual, for testing the shit out of this build.
@Shifter2600 for discovering two important bugs!
NB: #110 is an important security issue if you use the indices rule.
Immediate upgrade is required.


:bug: #152 available indices were empty when running in a non-data node
:warning:#110 avoid setting empty indices list (which would mean full access to all indices!)
:bug: #156 fixed unchecked class cast
:bug: #110 (follow up) msearch action not resolved as "read"
:bug: #147 SSL enhancements: now works with Letsencrypt!


:sparkles:[WIRING] Rewritten “read” actions detection
:sparkles:[WIRING] Replace fragile reflection block with one-liner while fixing #152