Reporting doesn't work correctly with 1.19.5


after upgrading ROR plugin (Kibana PRO + ES) from 1.19.3 to 1.19.5, reporting suddenly stopped working.
I previously reported the bug to Kibana community, but then after I tried to fully remove ROR plugin from Kibana and ES, it started to work again.

I am running ES version 7.5.2.

More detailed information about issue is reported here -

Thanks for any help,

@gulycka, did you upgrade Kibana as well? Or just the ror version?

Hi Simone,

Kibana and ES are running on version 7.5.2.
I upgraded ROR plugin for Kibana and also for ES, from 1.19.3 to 1.19.5.

After upgrade of ROR plugin X-Pack reporting plugin stopped working correctly - no reports are generated and I’m getting error messages with version conflict. More detailed info on Kibana forum. I didn’t want to duplicate all here.


But to directly answer your question, Kibana and ES was not upgraded. I stayed on the same version (7.5.2) and I upgraded just ROR plugin.

Hi @sscarduzio, any ideas? Users are pinging me about non-working reporting feature. Next week I will rollback ROR to older version if we will be stuck. Thanks

Hi @gulycka,
Yes apparently reporting is broken in 1.19.5. I’m now bisecting the changes to find what went wrong.

Hi @sscarduzio,
thanks for confirmation. Let me know if I can help you somehow.

I understood what is the problem, has to do with some stuff we chaned when 7.7 introduced some restrictions when accessing the elasticsearch client. The real fix for this is a big change, and we need a bit more time than next week. For now, it’s worth to downgrade, I’m afraid.

Will report on this as soon as we have something to test.

Hi Simone,

thanks for update.
Would you mind to share me some link to ROR ES plugin 1.19.3?

When I’m trying to use direct link with 1.19.3 as pluginVersion parameter, I’m getting latest version 1.19.5.<my_email>&edition=es&token=<my_token>&esVersion=7.5.2&pluginVersion=1.19.3


Yes, I will send the links in PM

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Hi Simone, any update for this issue?


Yes we’re finishing up. Sorry for the wait.


thanks for more information.
Looking forward to it.