RoR Enterprise: Search function in edit settings


RoR Enterprise: 1.31.0
Kibana 7.12.1

We have a quite long list of users in the .readonlyrest index.
We use the Kibana settings page to update those users and groups.
In the past there was a search function.
In the new Kibana (>= 7.9) there is no more search function.
Now we copy paste the entire yaml to a notepad, make do the searching and adjusting there and copy it back into the webinterface.

Not ideal.
We also tried the Chrome Ctrl+F, but this also doesn’t work properly.

Are there any plans to bring back the search function in the webinterface?

Thanks in advance!

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Oh man! You are right, +1 for the search bar. It was lost in the rewrite! Added this to Jira! RORDEV-533


@ronald.vanboven have you seen the new YAML editor? You can now search, replace, and much more.

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Not yet, I asked the team now to update to latest version. I will report back once it is tested, but it sounds good, thanks!

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A bit of delay in the answer, but it is awesome. This topic can be closed.

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