RoR Enterprise session probe interval configuration

:bulb: Configuration for session probe interval

Right now the browser does a session probe every second.
This is fine if you have a stable network connection.
But if you are working from home over VPN if only one probe is missed you are logged out on all browser tabs.
With unstable connections this unworkable.

Checking every seconds doesn’t seem necessary.
For us it would be sufficient to check once every hour or day.
Maybe allow a few failed probes before logging out?
Disabling probing all together?

:eyes: Example

readonlyrest_kbn.session_probe_interval: 86400
To probe once every day

:rocket: Let’s do this?

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Excellent feedback @ronald.vanboven, makes a ton of sense. Will add to Jira and report back here.

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Oh is that what happens? I get occasionally kicked out of Kibana even while active and was wondering what strange thing was causing that. Definitely gets my vote.

Yes very likely, I committed this feature myself today. If you want to test it, let me know what kibana version you use and what edition (pep, enterprise, free)

@sscarduzio We deployed this to production now and tested it in combination with also the sessions in index and the entire stability of the Kibana interfaces greatly increased.
Now there are seemless failovers between nodes and when the user has short connectivity issues he is not logged out anymore. Can be closed from my perspective.
Version 1.19.4
readonlyrest_kbn.sessions_probe_interval_seconds: 3600

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Amazing, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: