ROR for elastic version 6.6.0

Hello ,

trying to download ROR plugin I noticed that you still don’t have it for 6.6.0 version .
can you estimate when will it be ready to donwload ?

Thanks .

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Still need a few days, maybe all week.

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this is good to know .
thank you .

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what exactly did you have to modify for the new version ?
was it only a configuration file in the or there was a breaking change in the ES stack ?

Had to change great part of the authentication/authorization code. Made all the code asynchronous to comply with kibana’s updated dependency on Hapi.js 17 new async/await based API.
That’s why it took a while. Why?

thanks, we wanted to know if we could benefit some breaking changes of the new ES version , but as far as I understand this is not the case.