ROR for ES 8.x "level": "DEPRECATION", "component": "o.e.d.a.ActionModule", "The


when I deploy elastic I get a message “The plugin installs a custom REST wrapper. This functionality is deprecated and will not be possible in Elasticsearch 8.0. If this plugin is intended to provide security features for Elasticsearch then you should switch to using the built-in Elasticsearch features instead.”.

I just started working with this recently and I still don’t quite understand what kind of module it is and whether it will affect my work or not, can someone explain a little?

@coutoPL already investigated on this, and has a solution ready for 8.0, IIRC. Right?

yes, this is correct

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Hi, I just want to let you know that ROR with ES 8.x support is released (1.39.0).
Please, note that there was introduced a required patching step

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