ROR Hide Apps Possible Bug : Clicking on Custom Plugins opens up all Applications

(Roger Seth) #1

Noticed something new as part of our release feedback. It looks like though the default Kibana Hide Apps functionality is working as intended (say, we restrict Dev Tools and Monitoring for a read only role), installing custom plugins that add a new App is unintentionally opening up these “hidden” apps.

Clicking on the originally intended “unhidden” apps hides all of them again. Its the notion of clicking on the custom apps that opens up all the non-intended applications is creating a bad user experience.

Click on our custom app

The administrative apps open up

Clicking on Discover restores things back as normal

(Simone Scarduzio) #2

does this happen with any other plugin that adds an app, or only with your custom plugin?

(Roger Seth) #3

Good question. I’ll try to add an “approved” Kibana plugin to see if it replicates

(Ld57) #4

Hi , I also detected this. it is related to APM.

it seems not same than other plugins

(Roger Seth) #5

seems to be happening with even custom plugins from kibana staple. tried logtrail for instance

(Simone Scarduzio) #6

I might have something about this one, still to be tested though. Basically at the moment we are just disabling the visibility the HTML tags corresponding to the apps we want to hide. With the new patch we will remove the tags entirely from the dom (which is more correct after all).

Will have a look on monday and create a pre build for you to test.

(Roger Seth) #7

thanks @sscarduzio
I’ll look for the build that fixes this and the other bug we discussed in the email (injection of styles was being limited to the login screen) on Monday.
IF you get it earlier, please let me know and I can test it over the weekend.